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Purchase State Of The Art Equipment To Keep The Company At The Forefront Of Technology

Time: 2022-07-15
Publisher: Henan Yuda
Henan Yuda Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd., one of the most professional butterfly valve manufacturers in China, mainly produces triple-eccentric metal-sealed butterfly valves and double-eccentric butterfly valves from DN 50-DN3200mm as GOST, API, BS EN standard. In order to continuously improveing the machining accuracy of products and ensure high-quality delivery, our company has added two sets of Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine and gantry machining-center. This batch of equipment can not only process larger parts, but also can index and rotate. It is suitable for multi-process processing such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces of parts with multiple working surfaces. We will continue to improve the processing accuracy, speed and diversified production requirements of the company's butterfly valve products.
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