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Company Profile
Become China's first-class fluid control equipment manufacturing enterprises and general valve supporting services operators are our dream.
Henan Yuda Valve
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Quality is YUDA's way of Life.Be an honest man and do surefooted work is YUDA's enterprise spirit.Customer-Satisfied Product and Service is YUDA's Honor.
Our registered trademark is YUDA® Registered Capital,one hundred and twenty -eight million
More than 160 workers,133500 square meter work shop,big size butterfly valves research center are YUDA’s name card.
We, the YUDA, have dedicated ourselves to designing, manufacturing and marketing of Butterfly valves.
Company Profile
YUDA is a company with more than 20 years' history. Advanced technological and foundry basis make us confidently capable of providing quality products and solutions to your projects at competitive price .
We, the YUDA, have dedicated ourselves to designing, manufacturing and marketing of Butterfly valves. We keep close cooperation with our customers to ensure continuous improvement and development of our products and services to satisfy our customers and end users. Our well-developed technology, strict style and established quality control system guarantee quality from raw materials, product design and manufacture to inspection and testing.
Our Customers
YUDA develop long term partners who become more than just customer to us , We do not only supply products, we provide engineered solutions . we do not simply deliver, but provide continuous support on our products’ operation which guarantees a multilayered, multi -dimensional interface with our client’s partners to ensure the highest level of service. In past years, our customers around the world and already got our good service and practical solutions to their specific requirements. Such as Sibur 、Rosneft、Huaneng group、Datang etc.
Factory Tour
If you want to know more about our factory, you can visit the factory for free for reference
We are confident to provide high-quality products and solutions for your project at a competitive price
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