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2023 Apr,22
Butterfly valve piping installation instructions
1. First weld the flange to the pipe and cool to ambient temperature before installing the valve to the flange. Otherwise, the high temperature generated by welding will affect the performance of the resilient valve seat.
2023 Apr,15
Large diameter API Standard butterfly valve ready to be packed and shipped
The new batch of valves produced by YUDA Valve is going to be shipped, and the API Standard Butterfly Valve is exported to European countries.
2023 Mar,30
YUDA damper valve for exhaust system
Damper butterfly valve series, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry,power plants and other industries' ventilation, in environmental engineering including cold or hot gas pipelines are used as the regulator or off-site media devices of the gas flow.
2023 Mar,18
How to select the triple eccentric and double eccentric butterfly valve?
Butterfly valves are divided into concentric butterfly valves, single eccentric butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valves, triple eccentric butterfly valves, etc.
2023 Mar,14
What is double eccentric butterfly valve?
Are you looking for double eccentric butterfly valve? Or who do double eccentric butterfly valves? Let's decrypt it for you.
2023 Feb,16
2022 Summary Commendation Meeting and 2023 Production Mobilization Meeting
In 2022, under the correct leadership of the group company, Henan Yuda Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adhered to the concept of innovative development and strongly developed new products. The number of quality users kept increasing. Strongly developing foreign markets, the amount of exported products reached another record high.
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